JHL, Union of Public and Welfare Sectors, approached Nord DDB Helsinki in the autumn of 2021 with an interesting challenge. It was known that national wage negotiations in the public sector would start in Finland after the turn of the year,  due to the municipal elections and other factors. This could lead to high risk of strikes nationwide. 

Members of JHL wanted to be seen and the people to remember the social significance of these professionals. After all, there are many professions in JHL that we don’t think about in our everyday life.
We realized that our thoughtlessness in our daily lives is, in fact, an incredibly high level of trust in these professionals.
 When we jump into the bus we trust that the driver will drive where he is supposed to. 
When we take our children to kindergarten or school we trust that our children are there in safety and under reliable supervision.
 Someone will take care of it.
Case film (FI)
Case film (EN)
Client JHL
Agency Nord DDB HEL

Creative director Kalle Wallin
Art director Jukka Hannula
Copywriter Laura Syväniemi
Copywriter Tero Ahonen
Junior Creative Atte Maunula* 
Project director Satu Taipola

*Verbal wrap up of the concept "Kyllä joku hoitaa" (Someone will take care of it) was my implementation. I have been a part of the team throughout the whole design process.

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