We got the opportunity to make the label beer to our brand Muki Sport in collaboration with the small brewing company Mallassepät from Naantali. Despite the tight schedule of our partner we looked forward to the challenge. Making a label beer has been our dream since founding our brand.

When I started to design my first bottle label other projects and works needed to be put on hold. After many sketches we chose this design with my colleagues. The goal of this project was to increase brand awareness and grow the brand itself. 

​​​​​​​The final product was as delicious on the inside as outside.
The next challenge was to get all the fun out of our new label beer.

The curved text of the bottle label was easy to scale for our new shirts. After this we needed to get the beer into selling and available. Many shop owners and restauranteurs were exhilarate about our product. We sold the beer to restaurants bars and grocery stores all around Turku: 
- Restaurant Blanco
- Linna Burgers and coffee
- B4R
- Bar El Gringo
- K-market Portsa
- K-supermarket Ukko-Pekka
We organized a launch event called Beerjantai in collaboration with B4R-cocktail bar. In the event we had our Muki Sport pop-up, skateboarder team Juhla Posse's skateboarding movie premiere and of course lots of our beer!
The launch event was a huge success despite being held on a Friday 13th. The beer was sold out in the bar in the same evening.

The event and the beers were so instagramable that we got lot of visibility from our customers social media posts.
Art direction / Concept design / Package design
Atte Maunula
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